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Does anyone believe in the dream of a completely port-less device? For years, smartphones have slowly eradicated some of the formerly long-standing ports such as audio jacks and memory card slots. However, if a new rumor is true, those same phone makers might have made a rash decision. According to renowned Apple analyst Mark Gurman, Apple is bringing back the SD card slot to the MacBook Pro.

According to the Bloomberg report, the upcoming MacBook Pro with the SD card slot will launch sometime this year or next year. For years, the premium-tier notebook has not had a SD card slot after a 2016 redesign.

This isn’t the first MacBook Pro leak, though. A few weeks ago, another renowned Apple analyst, Ming-chi Kuo also revealed details about an upcoming redesign. In that leak, the series will reportedly come in two sizes: 14-inch and 16-inch.

Who can blame Apple for bringing back the SD card slot? Though the company eradicated the feature years ago, an SD card is still a major essential for both smartphone and notebook users. Even with Apple’s insistence, the memory card isn’t going anywhere.

In addition to this new slate of leaks, the MacBook recently got a major revolution last year, caused by Apple’s latest in-house processors. If the new leaks are true, Apple has a lot more up its sleeve.


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