Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has recently completed a massive upgrade of its International Uplink Ports for IP Transit (IPT), Private Network Interconnect (PNI), and Internet Exchange (IX) connectivity. This initiative aims to improve internet services that the company caters to its customers.

The first step in the initiative is upgrading the International Border gateways in its foreign POPs to Terabit Class Routers with multiple 100Gbps uplinks. Uplink ports for IPT, PNI, and IX have also been upgraded to 100Gbps ports.

Converge uses the Top Global ISPs, IXs, and peers directly with the largest OTT Content providers.

According to Converge Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero, the completion of this initiative ensures Converge Internet customers to reach content with the lowest latency and sufficient uplink bandwidth to avoid congestion when certain uplink providers go down.

Converge also has extensive Domestic peering arrangements with other local Philippine Providers, including the government-sponsored PhOpenIX. Other recently completed initiatives include the International Backbone network’s upgrade to multiple diverse 100G links and the recent promotion of the Domestic Metro DWDM to 400Gbps waves.


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