Give up trying to understand your cats. They thrive of having an air of mystery. When your cat goes out, you’re not supposed to know what they’re up to, whether they’re having secret dinners or stealing neighbours’ underwear. And yes, that’s still the case when your cat brings home some truly baffling evidence of their mischief, as little kitten Zico did. Zico, an eight-month-old rescue cat, returned home after some time out in the garden and slipped in through the cat flap – all while holding a full packet of Dreamies treats in his mouth.

How did Zico get hold of his haul? We may never know. Lee Harvey, 42, and he family were making breakfast at home in Southampton when they spied Zico coming over the garden fence – then spotted a large orange packet between his teeth.

Lee’s daughters Lauryn, 13, and Jodi, 19, grabbed their phones to film the moment as they laughed at their pet’s exploits. Heading directly for the back door, the cat stepped through the cat flap and dropped his haul on the doormat. Even more baffling was when the next day, Zico brought home a second packet of treats, despite none of the neighbours having a cat. Lee said: ‘We still have no idea where they are coming from but he’s pleased as punch to have treats on tap.

‘None of our close neighbours have cats so we still don’t know who they belong to. “To make matters worse, he brought another packet home the following day. ‘They’re not ours, as we keep ours in a tin to prevent our cats helping themselves. ‘We all found it very funny that he had helped himself to some treats from someone else’s house, rather than wait for his breakfast. ‘I asked the girls what he had in his mouth and they started filming him. Only as he came closer did we realise he’d stolen Dreamies from somewhere.

‘We rehomed him in April during the first lockdown, as an essential purchase and smile maker, after our cat had to be put to sleep following a short illness. ‘He has only been chipped and neutered in the past two months so the outside world is all new to him. ‘So far Zico has gifted us with feathers, a collection of washing pegs, elastic bands and a fat worm, which he wasn’t that keen on wiggling around in his mouth.’ Zico shows no remorse for his criminal activity (Picture: @sonnythesmilingcat/Kennedy News) The video has been a hit among other cat lovers, being shared thousands of times on social media. One commenter said: ‘I can’t stop watching this. He’s so chuffed with himself just strolling in like ‘hell yeah’.’


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