For January 2021, Netflix has again ranked top Philippine ISPs in terms of streaming performance. Last month, both Globe-at-Home and Converge were tied at #1 with a net rating of 3.2 points.

Back in December 2020, Globe was tied with PLDT at 2nd place with a 3.2 rating, while Converge took the top spot with a rating of 3.4.

By January 2021, PLDT dropped to 3rd place with a lower score of 3.0, while Globe-at-Home maintained its rating at 3.2. Converge also dropped to 3.2, which tied it with Globe at the top spot.

In 4th place is Royal Cable, a small provincial cable internet provider in the Laguna area that now provides fiber internet.

Globe Pldt Ctslover

Netflix Speed Index is a monthly report that measures the prime time Netflix performance of particular ISPs (internet service providers) around the globe.


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