This year’s holiday may be different from what we expected. Everyone has been resourceful and creative these days, so conducting virtual carolings and meetings for Christmas would be the safest thing to do. All you need is to form a group, use the proper equipment, and some creative juice that will help you and your friends plan a good execution. So, are you up to the challenge of doing online caroling? Here’s how to start one.

Choose an accessible platform.

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To start, you should identify the number of participants in your online caroling. From there, the group should determine a platform where they will conduct the online caroling. Factors to consider in choosing the best video conferencing app includes UI, features, and device availability. It should be user-friendly, available across mobile devices and desktops, offers security features, and compatible with third-party apps for setting up music and visuals. The admin of the group may also control the participants of the room for privacy. They may also use the platform to conduct virtual rehearsals for practice or a breakout room where everyone can share their thoughts and catch up. Some good platforms include Zoom, Discord, Meet, Messenger, Google Meet, Viber, and Telegram.

Use a reliable internet connection

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Just like anything online in nature, participants should have a stable internet connection. An ideal internet speed for group video calls falls between 5-8 Mbps, which can go higher should you want a better picture quality. Having a wired optic fiber connection at home is ideal for users who consume and needs more data. Do note that download and upload speeds depend on the type of internet connection users are subscribed to and their location. They may use wireless prepaid or mobile data. However, it may heavily affect video quality and connection strength during the online caroling. You may subscribe to mobile data promos with bigger data allocation or those that come with additional data for video conferencing apps. Smart offers Giga Work Pro that gives 3GB of data allocation to video apps such as Hangouts, Meet, and Microsoft Teams, collaboration apps like GSuite, Microsoft 365, WhatsApp, and Viber; delivery services, and e-wallets like PayMaya or GrabPay.

Invest in good equipmentE Caroling 1 Ctslover

You’ll need to invest in the right equipment now that you’ve formed a team, chosen your platform, and secured a reliable internet connection. For starters, you’ll need to have at least a 720p web camera if you’re using a desktop for a clearer and better video capture. You may also use smartphones, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras with higher resolution sensors and use it as a web camera through connected software.  You can also do the same if you need to fit in more people in one frame and conduct online caroling together under one roof.

Lighting is also essential in video presentations. Make sure to have enough lighting on your place so your face can be seen for the whole duration of the online performance. Should you have some extra bucks, you may purchase ring lights. To make your e-caroling merrier, you may use RGB lights or fancy lights for customizing its color and effects.

Utilize software for aestheticsInstagram Filter E1590033258570 Ctslover

To make online caroling more immersive, you may add a green screen on the background to run AR filters and virtual backgrounds seamlessly. Using a streaming software that allows users to add fun animations and elements to their videos may gain them plus points for creativity. They may even turn themselves into cute avatars from an adorable dog to their cartoon versions. They may also add some background music and sound effects to complete their virtual performance.

Prepare your e-wallets

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Since everyone is switching to cashless transactions, the team should be able to provide their own e-wallets. Apart from decreasing the risk of virus infection, digital payments offer convenience, and secured fund transfers. Just by scanning QR codes, senders may transfer money to the recipients in real-time. Those with bank accounts may also enjoy the mentioned feature through their mobile bank accounts. Some good e-wallets to use are GCash, PayMaya, and GrabPay. For banks, there are BPI, UnionBank, BDO, ING, and CIMB that provides QR codes instantly  from the mobile app.

So there you have it, folks. We hope that you’ll be able to pull it off and celebrate Christmas whenever and wherever you may be. Do you have any suggestions in mind? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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