Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Leche Flan with Coconut Milk Recipe-For Foodies


Leche Flan with Coconut Milk

This dessert has been a long-time family favorite. So I tried making leche flan again and I thought why not put coconut milk and coconut cream. It turned out, they were perfect! I tasted this leche flan with gata in Manam’s and so I was proud when I finally made them on my own. I also wrote some tips for you who may want to try this recipe.

Coconut Flan

This creamy, dreamy coconut flan is the perfect dessert for the holidays! Serve it with a drizzle of sweet caramel sauce for extra deliciousness. Traditional flan is made from eggs and gelatin but in this recipe, it is made from coconut milk, tofu, and agar agar powder. Making the flan might seem like a science, but it’s a simple process that can be mastered by anyone. This vegan coconut flan tastes amazing and will have you feeling like a master chef!

Leche Flan With Gata

Yield for this recipe is 2 medium sized llanera or 6-8 small sized llanera. You can also use ceramic ramekins if you have them. Just adjust the quantity of ingredients if you want to make more batches.


For the caramel:

3/4 cup white sugar (I used Sugar Blend but ordinary white sugar will do)
2 tbsp water

Mix these 2 and heat in pan in low heat, non-stick pan. Don’t try to use brown sugar because it easily burns. Let the mixture boil till it colors into clear brown. Don’t wait till it’s dark brown because it means it’s already burnt. Pour the caramel into the llanera and spread it on the bottom.

For the custard:

7 egg yolks
1 pack 250ml condensed Milk
3/4 cup Jolly Coconut Milk
1/2 cup Jolly Coconut Cream
Steamer or oven-safe pan
aluminum foil for covering

Gently mix the egg yolks, condensed milk, coconut milk and coconut cream. Mix well but avoid splashing. This will help make the custard more solid and avoid bubbles. Use a metal sieve and pour the mixture to each llanera to 3/4. The metal sieve will help your leche flan be free of impurities.

Cover each llanera with aluminum foil if you are going to use a steamer. But I do suggest to use a water bath /oven instead if you want your leche-flan much creamier and heavier. I find my leche flan in the past more watery and softer when I use a steamer.

If you want to use an oven, use an oven-safen pan and pour tap water inside it. Fill it so that the water will be 1/2 of the height of the llanera when you put them inside the pan. You don’t want the water to overflow and go inside the llanera when it boils inside the oven. Put the llaneras inside the pan and cover the pan with aluminum foil.

Bake the leche-flan for 1 hour 350F.  After 1 hour, get the llanera, check if the flans are done by sticking a toothpick or a knife. If it gets out clean, it means the flans are already cooked. Let them cool before putting inside the ref. Use a knife to unmold to a plate. Enjoy!


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