OPPO has recently announced on its Weibo page that it will launch a concept smartphone that features a retractable display on OPPO Inno Day. The event is scheduled for tomorrow.

Oppo Retractable Smartphone Ctslover

The teaser posted on the brand’s Weibo page didn’t give more information. However, a report reveals that OPPO’s latest design patent application is about a smartphone with a retractable display. It describes the device with a flexible display that goes up and down. It was filed in the latter part of April 2020.

Oppo Retractable Smartphone 1 Ctslover

Based on the images by Lets Go Digital, the smartphone is thin and has a rounded top and bottom. To maximize the size of the display, the smartphone goes upwards. The screen remains to be protected by the housing on all sides. There are no cutouts for the front camera so it is most likely that OPPO will use an under-display selfie shooter. As for the rear camera, it is located in the upper center of the phone’s back panel and can be used when it is in its normal size. The screen is enlarged by about half when it is maxed out.

There’s also a middle frame to protect the unfolded part of the screen for durability.

OPPO is yet to confirm the complete specs of the smartphone at the event. Stay tuned to our page for more updates.

Sources: OPPO WeiboLets Go Digital


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