Reincarnation of a Superstar


Reincarnation of a Superstar

Novel Summary

Du Yun Xiu is a very gentle and kind person. He can throw away his chance to be successful in his career for a one-sided love that has no solution. He will stand up to a mafia boss for an actress he does not know.

When the media exposes his se*ual orientation, to cover up for the other person, he does not utter a complaint, and he faces the discrimination all by himself, to the point it brings him down to the pitch of hell with no return.

Even after he was dead, standing in front of his own grave, he still does not have any grudge against Xie Yi, he even takes Xie Yi as his motivation to urge himself to be more successful in his new life.

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Short Title : RoaS
Alternate Title : 重生之名流巨星
Status : Completed
Author : Qing Luo Shanzi
Country : China
Type : Web Novel
Genre :
Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Tragedy


Chapter List

Chapter 81 If the life outside of Fanfan is only seen for the first time (2) 

Chapter 80 If the life outside of Fanfan is only seen for the first time (1) 

Chapter 79 Feng Jingyun Xiu-Remember @ 他 Yo

Chapter 78 Feng Jingyun Xiu-His Love and Marriage 

Chapter 77 Hayashi Kaya Extra 

Chapter 76 Glory and Commonwealth (The Finale) 

Chapter 75 Double swords 

Chapter 74 Fengjing 

Chapter 73 Return home 

Chapter 72 Change the sky 

Chapter 71 I love you 

Chapter 70 Mu Ziche

Chapter 69 select 

Chapter 68 tension 

Chapter 67 ready

Chapter 66 collision 

Chapter 65 crisis 

Chapter 64 Leg method 

Chapter 63 sequel 

Chapter 62 Li Rui 

Chapter 61 Press conference 

Chapter 60 Meet again 

Chapter 59 New departure 

Chapter 58 Last time

Chapter 57 Cherish 

Chapter 56 resignation 

Chapter 55 Lin Xuan 

Chapter 54 Kimber Prize 

Chapter 53 turmoil 

Chapter 52 Break up 

Chapter 51 omen 

Chapter 50 Funeral and tricks (below) 

Chapter 49 Funeral and tricks (middle) 

Chapter 48 Funeral and tricks (on) 

Chapter 47 Fengjing Exploration Class 

Chapter 46 Family of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2)

Chapter 45 Chinese Medicine Family (Chinese) 

Chapter 44 Family of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1) 

Chapter 43 Start reading 

Chapter 42 Start reading 

Chapter 41 Start reading 

Chapter 40 Feng Jing’s Counterattack (Part 2) 

Chapter 39 Feng Jing’s Counterattack (1) 

Chapter 38 break out 

Chapter 37 Du Yunxiu’s decision 

Chapter 36 FIND 

Chapter 35 Feng Jing resigned? 

Chapter 34 Behind Kiss

Chapter 33 Start reading 

Chapter 32 Transit 

Chapter 31 French director 

Chapter 30 Start reading 

Chapter 29 Framing in Japan 

Chapter 28 Affection 

Chapter 27 Start reading 

Chapter 26 Start reading 

Chapter 25 Start reading 

Chapter 24 Start reading 

Chapter 23 Start reading 

Chapter 22 Start reading

Chapter 21 Start reading 

Chapter 20 Start reading 

Chapter 19 Start reading 

Chapter 18 Start reading 

Chapter 17 Start reading 

Chapter 16 Start reading 

Chapter 15 Start reading 

Chapter 14 Start reading 

Chapter 13 Start reading 

Chapter 12 Start reading 

Chapter 11 Start reading 

Chapter 10 Start reading

Chapter 9 Start reading 

Chapter 8 Start reading 

Chapter 7 Start reading 

Chapter 6 Start reading 

Chapter 5 Start reading 

Chapter 4 Start reading 

Chapter 3 Start reading 

Chapter 2 Start reading 

Chapter 1 Start reading


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