Smart boasts completed nationwide VoLTE rollout

Smart Communications has completed its nationwide rollout of VoLTE for its prepaid and post subscribers.
To recap, Voice over LTE or VoLTE or full IP-based carrier-grade voice service offers high-fidelity quality phone calls using LTE networks instead of the legacy voice networks claims to offer clearer calls with minimal background noise. An added benefit is that users can now make and receive calls over mobile data applications instead of the legacy setup where devices shift from LTE network to either 2G or 3G mobile networks during a voice call. This results in VoLTE connecting faster.
To use VoLTE service, the caller and the receiver should both have VoLTE-capable smartphones and an LTE SIM. The VoLTE feature should also be enabled in either user’s smartphone settings. Once activated, the VoLTE icon should be visible on the Notification bar.
Lastly, VoLTE and Voice over WiFi are charged like normal calls against the customer’s active postpaid subscription while for prepaid users, the normal local and international voice and text rates will apply.
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