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Their Love Stories

Novel Summary

Mo Suqing woke up one morning to find a stranger on the bed beside her and decided to accept the handsome guy’s offer of marriage on the spot. What seemed to be a rash decision to get over with her ex turned out to be the love of her life.

However, dark secrets began to come to light one by one as she learned more about the man. Will they be able to get through all the obstacles presented in their way? Meanwhile, the other characters were also writing their own love stories…

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Short Title : TLS
Alternate Title : 一見鍾情,毒寵絕色小嬌妻
Status : Completed
Author : 云起莫离
Country : China
Type : Web Novel
Genre :
Drama, Romance, Slice of Life


Chapter List

Chapter 343 Extraordinary——The sadness of wrong kiss 

Chapter 342 Fanwaizhi——When I grow up 

Chapter 341 Fanwaizhi-home has two jobs

Chapter 340 I never live alone 

Chapter 339 Viscount Guan is dead 

Chapter 338 Love you more than ever 

Chapter 337 Viscount Guan’s accident 

Chapter 336 Endocrine disorders 

Chapter 335 Let’s get together 

Chapter 334 It’s all caused by love 

Chapter 333 The dead come alive 

Chapter 332 I’m still a kid

Chapter 331 See you in five years 

Chapter 330 Luo Qiqi is gone 

Chapter 329 Kidney disease

Chapter 328 The courage of a leader 

Chapter 327 Return to the dark night to seize power 

Chapter 326 Tomorrow will be better 

Chapter 325 Because i’m kind 

Chapter 324 Like nothing wrong 

Chapter 323 Ambushed at night 

Chapter 322 Three people’s romance 

Chapter 321 Strange shape 

Chapter 320 What a simple word

Chapter 319 You’re a puppy 

Chapter 318 Walk too much at night 

Chapter 317 Yue Wuxin’s bitter plan 

Chapter 316 Saw fake Sanya 

Chapter 315 face bravely 

Chapter 314 With the promise of physical damage 

Chapter 313 Stand by for you all day 

Chapter 312 Pretend to be drunk 

Chapter 311 Black Man Su Jincheng 

Chapter 310 Between half awake and half drunk dream 

Chapter 309 Gu Yi’an is dead 

Chapter 308 Turned out to be a scene

Chapter 307 One wave has not settled, another wave rises 

Chapter 306 You like men 

Chapter 305 There are pictures and the truth 

Chapter 304 Feelings break the line of defense 

Chapter 303 Feelings are growing 

Chapter 302 It’s him 

Chapter 301 Hope you can understand 

Chapter 300 Redeem conscience 

Chapter 299 Give you a chance 

Chapter 298 Deja vu 

Chapter 297 Kneel down and call grandpa 

Chapter 296 Brewing parting words

Chapter 295 Become a housewife 

Chapter 294 Have a conscience 

Chapter 293 Spread the past 

Chapter 292 Alien posture 

Chapter 291 Not to be hugged by the princess 

Chapter 290 What steamed and boiled 

Chapter 289 Car accident insurance for the rest of your life 

Chapter 288 My little peace 

Chapter 287 Shame 

Chapter 286 Dream or reality 

Chapter 285 Picked up an alcoholic 

Chapter 284 As for being so hungry

Chapter 283 It’s a devil 

Chapter 282 Kissed by a man 

Chapter 281 Peerless Poisonous Son 

Chapter 280 Who gave him the confidence 

Chapter 279 Caring for **** for tat 

Chapter 278 Time to change the name 

Chapter 277 American Black Market Boxing Stadium 

Chapter 276 Can’t beat me when tied up 

Chapter 275 Yuanjia Road is narrow and tight 

Chapter 274 Azi’s accessories 

Chapter 273 I should call my brother-in-law 

Chapter 272 The days of being an ascetic

Chapter 271 The joy of coming back from the dead 

Chapter 270 Xia Xinsheng is dead 

Chapter 269 Not deep enough 

Chapter 268 Unwanted compensation 

Chapter 267 Love you more than yourself 

Chapter 266 Sonorous white rose 

Chapter 265 You are not a good man 

Chapter 264 The identity of Xia Xinsheng 

Chapter 263 Guan Zixuan’s situation 

Chapter 262 Mo Suqing comes to the imperial capital

Chapter 261 Annual meeting homicide 

Chapter 260 Lu Ming

Chapter 259 Brother came to the rescue 

Chapter 258 Don’t be Azi is a sick cat 

Chapter 257 Deserve to be high 

Chapter 256 There must be an effect 

Chapter 255 Heartbroken Su Xiaoran 

Chapter 254 Properly eaten by a dog 

Chapter 253 Does it have anything to do with me 

Chapter 252 I saw it all 

Chapter 251 Junjie 

Chapter 250 Is she okay with her brain? 

Chapter 249 White rose summer purple 

Chapter 248 The imperial capital rises

Chapter 247 Married to love 

Chapter 246 Bloody and lingering 

Chapter 245 Destroy what you don’t get 

Chapter 244 Qiqi is Yaya 

Chapter 243 Luo Qiqi is gone 

Chapter 242 Past events emerge 

Chapter 241 Unexpected result 

Chapter 240 Two appraisal reports 

Chapter 239 Lost kidney and heart 

Chapter 238 Find the clue to Qiqi 

Chapter 237 The farmer and the snake 

Chapter 236 Want her a kidney

Chapter 235 Brain kicked by a donkey 

Chapter 234 Falling Su Mingfeng Table 

Chapter 233 Can’t tell a thousand words 

Chapter 232 No one but you 

Chapter 231 Out of sight out of mind 

Chapter 230 The truth eight years ago 

Chapter 229 I am the father of the child 

Chapter 228 Another conspiracy in the car accident 

Chapter 227 Fight for custody 

Chapter 226 Sisters recognize each other 

Chapter 225 Ye always stutters 

Chapter 224 Not Ye Zhongjue

Chapter 223 Ten thousand years at a glance 

Chapter 222 Annly, Vice President of Tianyue 

Chapter 221 Mo Suqing Shining Back 

Chapter 220 Blame auntie, it’s terrible 

Chapter 219 Gu Rang who can’t lift her hands 

Chapter 218 Can’t escape from my Wuzhishan 

Chapter 217 Shot while lying down 

Chapter 216 Originally from the same root 

Chapter 215 Luo Qiqi is online 

Chapter 214 Ye Zhongjue carefully sees through 

Chapter 213 Xia Zi posing as Mo Suqing 

Chapter 212 Don’t listen to brother

Chapter 211 In a murderous mood 

Chapter 210 Are you acting like a baby? 

Chapter 209 Ten thousand hits 

Chapter 208 Finally found you 

Chapter 207 Heartbroken that humble love 

Chapter 206 The past he doesn’t understand 

Chapter 205 Too self-righteous 

Chapter 204 Selina decided to leave 

Chapter 203 Is it love or guilt 

Chapter 202 Desperate for love 

Chapter 201 More worrying the…

Chapter 200 Ape dung is destined

Chapter 199 Passionate is always hurt by him 

Chapter 198 The focus is different from ordinary people 

Chapter 197 A family of three eating 

Chapter 196 Business or emotional competition 

Chapter 195 Meeting five years later 

Chapter 194 The horn of battle has sounded 

Chapter 193 Father and son 

Chapter 192 Ann is alive 

Chapter 191 Time is like flowing water 

Chapter 190 The birth of a baby 

Chapter 189 The last shot 

Chapter 188 Jane girl, cheap girl

Chapter 187 Suffered 10,000 points of damage 

Chapter 186 The happiest person in the world 

Chapter 185 An outstanding representative of Prince Charming 

Chapter 184 Two Mo Suqing appeared 

Chapter 183 Forgive her for being too lazy 

Chapter 182 Mo Suqing, I am not sick! 

Chapter 181 Don’t look at the face of the monk, look at the face of the Buddha 

Chapter 180 Narcissistic to the point of no cure 

Chapter 179 Bloody violent pregnant woman 

Chapter 178 Can’t see where the head is 

Chapter 177 Rushing into the muzzle 

Chapter 176 Leng Xiyao is dead

Chapter 175 A wedding soaked in blood 

Chapter 174 Go to the funeral in snow white 

Chapter 173 Gao Leng has fed the dogs 

Chapter 172 Even the Hongmen Banquet has to go 

Chapter 171 We are not related 

Chapter 170 Thinking is not on one channel 

Chapter 169 Master’s strategy 

Chapter 168 Ingenious design 

Chapter 167 No turning back arrow 

Chapter 166 Wise and handsome old driver 

Chapter 165 Ten miles of spring breeze, it’s better to sleep with you 

Chapter 164 Lost intellectual fan

Chapter 163 The girl is soft and easy to tear down 

Chapter 162 Come on, hurt each other 

Chapter 161 An expression of impossibility 

Chapter 160 Beauty has reached a new height 

Chapter 159 An’an’s fiance 

Chapter 158 Useless spare tire 

Chapter 157 Jump out of the grave to cheat the corpse 

Chapter 156 My upbringing is very valuable 

Chapter 155 Your mom and I fell into the water at the same time 

Chapter 154 Cannon fodder is not injustice at all 

Chapter 153 Secret 

Chapter 152 It’s no different from the mistress

Chapter 151 If a good dog is not in the way 

Chapter 150 South friend from south 

Chapter 149 Already dying ill 

Chapter 148 Emotions are the most taboo to deceive 

Chapter 147 Car accident three years ago 

Chapter 146 Love is overwhelming 

Chapter 145 Marriage is like peeling an onion 

Chapter 144 The law of survival of the underworld 

Chapter 143 Red kill mercenaries all over the world 

Chapter 142 How many guns are at you 

Chapter 141 If there is regret medicine in the world 

Chapter 140 Tiaohulishan situation in distress

Chapter 139 What she thinks of you 

Chapter 138 Like sewing clothes 

Chapter 137 Mysterious life experience jade pendant 

Chapter 136 The rhythm of going to die 

Chapter 135 An An is by your side 

Chapter 134 Red rose and white rose 

Chapter 133 True love is between the same sex 

Chapter 132 Those who are near Zhu are red and those who are near Mo are black 

Chapter 131 I can’t bear to look straight 

Chapter 130 Shameless and thorough 

Chapter 129 Is inflation expensive? 

Chapter 128 Can be described as a table of eight thousand miles

Chapter 127 I am engaged to An Huilin 

Chapter 126 I’m going to hit the wall collectively 

Chapter 125 The order of love and affection 

Chapter 124 I can’t help but eat you 

Chapter 123 It’s better to fall straight down 

Chapter 122 Fall in love with you at first sight 

Chapter 121 Even if the world disagrees 

Chapter 120 No harm without comparison 

Chapter 119 A divorce agreement 

Chapter 118 Full of rogue qualities 

Chapter 117 Gu Jiannan’s sorrow 

Chapter 116 It’s a mystery of confidence!

Chapter 115 Who doesn’t have a childhood sweetheart 

Chapter 114 No corners that cannot be dug 

Chapter 113 Who are you 

Chapter 112 Protect her forever 

Chapter 111 This man is so naive 

Chapter 110 His woman is only her 

Chapter 109 Should go to the ophthalmology department 

Chapter 108 Do you have a personality 

Chapter 107 Mo Su Lian’s shameless act 

Chapter 106 Song Pingting 

Chapter 105 Black Belly Invincible Leaf Boss 

Chapter 104 I am a dynamite bag

Chapter 103 Laozi’s wife choose one 

Chapter 102 Indicate normal sexual orientation 

Chapter 101 Aren’t you the most stinky

Chapter 100 Shocking press conference 

Chapter 99 Life-saving panda blood 

Chapter 98 Leng Xiyao had a car accident 

Chapter 97 Phone is innocent 

Chapter 96 Lethal slap 

Chapter 95 Your conscience is eaten by you 

Chapter 94 Closed door and not full 

Chapter 93 The Bachelor of Green Turtle 

Chapter 92 Mr. Ye who kills without seeing blood

Chapter 91 Chief Ye’s crime 

Chapter 90 What about Miss Mo 

Chapter 89 Don’t let me hate you 

Chapter 88 You are almost made of cement 

Chapter 87 I have always been the truth 

Chapter 86 Three scandals are flying 

Chapter 85 The sorrow of false marriage and true love 

Chapter 84 Game for the rich 

Chapter 83 Unexpected truth 

Chapter 82 Big Boss arrived 

Chapter 81 The secret in the wallet 

Chapter 80 Armani

Chapter 79 Princess Ye Ming? 

Chapter 78 Ye Zhongjue’s First Love 

Chapter 77 Cursed infinite loop 

Chapter 76 The legendary hacker 

Chapter 75 Different from coquettish bitches 

Chapter 74 Slut is hypocritical 

Chapter 73 Brother and wife are welcome 

Chapter 72 Heterosexual 

Chapter 71 That is my wife 

Chapter 70 Terrible possessiveness 

Chapter 69 You are revenge on me 

Chapter 68 Bar hero saves beauty

Chapter 67 Su Qing Xi Yao meets the land ruffian 

Chapter 66 Lipstick mark on shirt 

Chapter 65 The Gate of Killing and the Dark Night Group 

Chapter 64 Ye Zhongjue’s unfeeling and tenderness 

Chapter 63 Mr. Ye opens the WeChat era 

Chapter 62 Sudden acute gastroenteritis 

Chapter 61 My Chinese cabbage was eaten by pigs 

Chapter 60 She is my life 

Chapter 59 Sprinkle dog food early in the morning 

Chapter 58 Uncontrollable power 

Chapter 57 Identity 

Chapter 56 Get sick

Chapter 55 Evil man 

Chapter 54 A mandarin duck was drowned while playing in the water 

Chapter 53 Learn the truth about the scandal 

Chapter 52 I only accept your beauty 

Chapter 51 Without morals, anything is possible 

Chapter 50 Is this the rhythm for rectification? 

Chapter 49 I’m Mo Suqing’s husband 

Chapter 48 People are stupid and have a lot of money 

Chapter 47 Silence is acquiescence 

Chapter 46 Who does not know who 

Chapter 45 Ye Zhongjue was jealous 

Chapter 44 Guan Zixuan was banned

Chapter 43 I was kicked by a donkey 

Chapter 42 Bite me if you refuse to accept you 

Chapter 41 Love and Entertainment 

Chapter 40 Tsundere Ye Zhongjue 

Chapter 39 Hanging from other trees is more comfortable 

Chapter 38 So handsome 

Chapter 37 Leng Xiyao’s life experience 

Chapter 36 I don’t mind poisoning 

Chapter 35 Interview with bad luck 

Chapter 34 Don’t hate you for being married 

Chapter 33 Collision in the depths of the soul 

Chapter 32 Going home is actually a blind date

Chapter 31 Underwear, pajamas, sanitary napkins 

Chapter 30 Gu Jiannan goes to the Empire 

Chapter 29 Cleverly solve the scandal crisis 

Chapter 28 Mo Suqing’s wall ladder 

Chapter 27 Your boss is so capricious 

Chapter 26 Good man who can cook 

Chapter 25 Don’t refuse me anymore 

Chapter 24 Ye Zhongjue’s warm care 

Chapter 23 Harmful aunt 

Chapter 22 A **** encounter 

Chapter 21 The extinction master is too troubled 

Chapter 20 It is said that Miss Mo is married

Chapter 19 Mr. Ye drives the public to work 

Chapter 18 You are obligated to swipe my card 

Chapter 17 Shopping women are crazy 

Chapter 16 He is the light that he can’t touch 

Chapter 15 The scumbag Gu Jianan came here 

Chapter 14 The **** has a natural harvest 

Chapter 13 Don’t you go out without cultivation 

Chapter 12 Reunion on a narrow road, **** moves 

Chapter 11 How does your man look like? 

Chapter 10 I will sleep in the guest room tonight 

Chapter 9 I’m not willing to wake you up 

Chapter 8 Double cheap, I naturally don’t

Chapter 7 Flash marriage does not bring this! 

Chapter 6 The beginning of the lie… 

Chapter 5 Go home and defraud the account book 

Chapter 4 Row! Then let’s get married 

Chapter 3 I will be responsible for you 

Chapter 2 Suddenly one night stand 

Chapter 1 May the world end…


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